About me

After working in Human Resources for more than 20 years, I decided to unite my empathy for people in the workplace with my passion for natural health care and nutrition to create the unique concept of Holistic Stress Management.

My experience with yoga, karate and qi gong and my work with horses have taught me the importance of breathing and relaxation. My love for the natural world began by following my grandmother through the garden to learn about the healing properties of her garden herbs. I have since used every opportunity to expand on this knowledge.

It is my goal to help people regain control of their own health and to find their very individual path to wellness and to reducing their stress.

Relevant qualifications:

2019 - Vitalstoffberaterin (micro-nutrition) at
Akademie Gesundes Leben

2019 - Bach Flower Remedies at
Centre of Excellence

2018 - Stress Management Trainer at Akademie Gesundes Leben

2017 - Ernährungsberaterin (nutritionist) at Apollon Hochschule für Gesundheitswirtschaft